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“But we have separate bank accounts…” – Community Property Issues in Louisiana

7 Mar

After a divorce, the next step is to divide the community property of the former spouses. For most people, this involves a house, several vehicles, and pension and retirement accounts along with their corresponding debts. Living in a Community Property Law State I often have clients who believe that just because they have separate checking [...]

Blue Lives Matter Laws – Just Media Hysteria?

2 Mar

2016 was a volatile year for police and their encounters with citizens. A grass roots movement called Black Lives Matter gained a lot of media attention and traction in communities by highlighting incidents of “excessive force” (sometimes tragically) being used by police against black citizens. What Are Blue Lives Matter Laws? In response to these [...]

How to Not Get Arrested at Spanish Town Parade

10 Feb

Baton Rouge’s Spanish Town Parade is famous for flamboyant costumes and off-color humor. It’s not a family friendly parade, but it can be a good time if you don’t have any political sensitivity, and don’t mind innuendo just short of public obscenity. Public Drinking at the Spanish Town Parade Based on the many police reports [...]

Fortune Telling Legal Again in Alexandria

3 Sep

In central Louisiana, the city of Alexandria recently enacted a law forbidding fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readings, astrology and other psychic readings. However a Federal Judge accepted the recommendation of a U.S. Magistrate Judge that the law was unconstitutional. The judge stated that the law violated First Amendment Free Speech Rights. Filing the [...]

Sale of Roadside and Parking Lots Pets Banned

29 Aug

In one of the more interesting bills signed into law by Gov. Jindal, Louisiana now bans the sale of dogs and cats from certain public areas, replicating what many parishes have already banned on a local basis. Animal activists have long been angered over individuals selling dogs and cats in shopping center parking lots or [...]

New Laws Create New Criminal Penalties

13 Aug

In the recent legislative session, Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law several bills that increase the punishment for various violent crimes. Lawmakers have added significant jail time to the following offenses: Act 478: Increases the penalty for possession of or dealing in firearms with obliterated serial numbers from $1000 fine plus up to 6 months [...]