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Juvenile Law Attorney – Baton Rouge

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If your child is in trouble with the law, you need experienced help from an attorney who knows the juvenile system – and quickly.

As a former judicial law clerk to a juvenile court judge who has handled numerous delinquency, foster care, termination of parental rights, and assorted unique actions in Juvenile Court, Joseph Scott has the experience and specialized knowledge you need to help your child.

The Louisiana Children’s Code serves as a separate and different code of procedure for Juvenile Court, with its own twists and turns. Most local attorneys are not familiar with the Children’s Code.

Accused Juvenile

When the police call and ask for permission to question your child, or search your home, or have you come talk to them about what your child and his/her friends have done – call Joseph Scott at (225) 478-1128 before you take action that will seriously harm your child.

Parent Accused of Abuse or Neglect

Parents of children who are accused of abuse or neglect may be investigated by OCS or child protection. Those parents are often accused by former spouses, vindictive neighbors, or other folks with an axe to grind. Don’t talk to any social worker, law enforcement or child protection employee without speaking juvenile law attorney Joseph K. Scott first.

Call Immediately

There is nothing as damaging as an accusation of child abuse, which can lead to your children being taken away and the parent being charged criminally. Call Joseph Scott at (225) 478-1128 before you start answering questions.