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Drug Defense Attorney – Baton Rouge

The drug laws in America today are incredibly complex, and as they become more complicated you will need a defense attorney who can fight for your rights. Each year, states and the federal government crack down harder on drug offenders, who can face serious fines and long term jail sentences. Fortunately, help is available at the law offices of defense attorney, Joseph K. Scott, III, (225) 478-1128.

Drug Offenses

Prison Term Drug Offenses
Drug offenses are a hot button issue today. If you find yourself facing charges for drug offenses, you face not only police and prosecutors, but an ever changing political climate. Illegal drugs are multi-billion dollar industry in the world, and often times the legal system treats those accused of drug offenses like cogs in the system. From medical marijuana and illegal prescription abuse, to crystal meth and drug trafficking, the drug laws in this country vary wildly, often changing dramatically from state to state. In addition, each drug carries specific restrictions and laws regarding the different quantities and the charges that can be applied to you for carrying these varying quantities. You need an attorney like Joseph Scott who understands the different laws as they apply to you and your case.

Vigorous Defense

Vigorous Defense
No matter how serious the offense, you are guaranteed a zealous defense from an experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney like Joseph Scott. He understands the changing drug laws and your rights as the accused. Using full knowledge of your rights, he will fight vigorously to make sure that you were given every protection the law affords during both your arrest and trial. He and his team will go over your arrest report and every bit of evidence against you, looking for police and prosecutorial mistakes and misconduct that may have violated any of your most basic and fundamental rights.

Mr. Scott draws upon years of experience and education as a defense attorney specializing in drug offenses to help you fight these charges, no matter how serious the crime. Whether you find yourself facing a simple possession charge or a much more serious and complex drug trafficking charge, he can help you fight these charges, and if needed, find a place in a drug treatment and diversion program.

If you find yourself facing charges relating to drug offenses, contact Joseph Scott today. For more information or to set up an appointment, call (225) 478-1128.

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