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Homicide Defense – Baton Rouge

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Joseph Scott is an expert in criminal defense and is familiar with the ins and outs of homicide law. He is experienced in high profile cases and treats every case with the discretion it deserves. While we all understand the need to cut costs in the current economy, when it comes to your legal rights or the legal rights of your loved ones, a cheap lawyer is not always your best bet. A low cost attorney is typically low cost for a reason, whether due to lack of experience or less thorough work. When something as important as freedom is on the line, you simply want the best defense possible. Mr. Scott is ready to fight for your rights and freedom to the fullest extent of the law for a reasonable and fair fee. Contact him today at 225-478-1128.

Homicide Defense

Homicide is an area that requires an intimate understanding of the legal system as well as the commitment and mental toughness necessary to provide an iron-clad defense. This area of the law may include

  • First or second degree murder,
  • Assault with a deadly weapon,
  • Vehicular manslaughter (including driving while intoxicated or under the influence),
  • Voluntary manslaughter,
  • Aggravated assault,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Or gang-related murder

Obviously these are cases that require the utmost attention and respect for all parties involved. If you or someone you love has been charged with one of these or any other violent crime, you need legal representation that can see the case from every angle and provide the best defense possible given the circumstances. It is imperative to investigate the facts and explore all viable defenses, including self-defense and impaired mental health as they may apply. Each case is treated uniquely and each and every client is treated with respect and dignity no matter the circumstances.

Experienced Attorney

Our firm understands the devastating consequences a legal investigation can have on you and your family. As a leader in criminal defense, Joseph Scott has the reputation and the experience to help you through this trying time. He is ready to be in your corner when it feels like no one else is. Now is not the time to cut costs, it is time to have quality representation who will get the job done. It is simply not worth the devastating consequences to save a few bucks with unqualified representation. Call today at 225-478-1128 to explore your options.

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